About Us

CaveInn Labradors is small family owned kennel in North Central Iowa. We are a Licensed Commercial Breeder in the State of Iowa. We only feed a diet of Life’s Abundance Premium Health food to our dogs and feel this is the healthiest choice for our Labs and puppies.

Our journey began 15 years ago with our beloved "Cave". He was the King of all Labs in our hearts and our kennel pays tribute to his name. He was a devoted, loving friend to the end. We laughed and cried with Cave through so much life. He was with us as we built our home in our woods. Although he had aged much, we were blessed to share our first Spring together in the country dream.

We adore all colors of Labs but truly fell in love with the silver, charcoal, and champagne varieties. Our goal is to always breed to improve the lines. As CaveInn Labradors we pride ourselves in making the best breeding decisions for our Labs and our future puppy parents. Testing is essential to the "Improvement Movement" and is a standard practice at CaveInn Labradors. We are honored to have earned the prestigious "Health" medallion for improvement breeding each year this has been awarded.