Our Placement Policy

Best Practices

It is difficult to predict when, what, and how many puppies a female will have. We do our best to be fair and responsible breeders to all our parents placing confidence in our kennel. Placement on our list is reserved by receipt of deposits.  

Once your deposit* is in place your name along with your preferences is on our list according to your first and second choices.

Once the litter is born things fall into place more clearly. We are fair to all in our placement practices. Should your preferences change after placing your deposit and others have reserved after you, this changes your spot on the list. To be fair to those that chose that particular gender and/or color your placement on the list may change. Puppy picks can be made at 5 weeks of age. Bringing a new purebred Lab puppy into your family will be a memorable time when purchasing a CaveInn Labrador.

Our promise to you is to do all we can

to bring the right puppy at the right time into your home.


Below is our current puppy placement list based on receipt of deposit     along with preferences.

CaveInn Labradors reserves the right to pick of the litter for our breeding program.

Future Litters:

4/6/18 - Silver Male (1st) Charcoal Male  (2nd) - Deanna (Stormy)

4/11/18 - Charcoal Male (1st) Champagne Male (2nd) - James & Jaime (Billi)

6/1/18 - Charcoal Female (1st) Silver Female (2nd) - Timi & Roge

6/13/18 - Charcoal Female (1st) Silver Female (2nd) - Tarah & Drew

6/28/18 - Charcoal Male (1st) Silver Male (2nd) - Stacy

7/24/19 - Silver Female (1st) Charcoal Female (2nd) - Kent

7/30/18 - Silver Male (1st) Champagne Male (2nd 12/6 chg) - Tom & Sara

9/7/18 - Silver Male (only) - Brett (Billi or Stormy)

10/6/18 - Black Female - Nic & Abby

11/3/18 - Black Female - Becky & Lee

11/8/18 - Silver Female - Lynn & Randy

11/28/18 - Silver Male (1st) White Male (2nd) - Steve & Becky

11/29/18 - Silver Female (1st) Charcoal Female (2nd) - Michael

12/2/18 - Black Female (1st) Yellow Female (2nd) - Nik & Kacie

12/4/18 - Chocolate F/M (1st) Choc or Yellow F/M (2nd) - Emily & Kyle

*Deposit Contract

Rev 12/4/18