Boy Wonder "Robin" In Memory

I was just spending a little time with our boy Cave, Robin’s son. He has been a bit lonely since Robin’s passing, and yet he is helping me in the tender way he learned from his dad. Only Robin knew how to give a human just what was needed at just the right time. Every time I look at our logo I think of Robin with that gentle extended paw.

Robin and Cave were always together. I think Cave inherited the best of both his parents. We are just realizing some of these endearing qualities in Cave since Robin is no longer beside him.

Robin seemed to age overnight.

In the last few years we’ve been very aware that we have a number of elders. Robin was not the one we were prepared to say goodbye to. There is never a good time for goodbye, but in our hearts we fully recognized the right time.


Robin leaves behind a true legacy and our lives would never have been the same if he had not been part of our family. Many of our puppy parents with a Lab sired by Robin understand how special he was and how blessed we all were to have him touch our lives.

Until we meet again my friend…God speed.

In memory of Robin