The Planets Have Aligned

Billi's puppies have arrived! Before the night was done on July 23, Billi had delivered 10 very colorful, healthy puppies. There are 5 males and 5 females! Good job Billi!

How many do you see?

How many do you see?

The last week of pregnancy, we have Dr Keller xray our expectant Mommas to get as close an idea as we can what to expect during delivery. We knew there were for sure 8 and in my over zealous numbering I imagined there to be 10. I truly thought I was being a bit creative with my numbering, but when #10 was delivered we were thrilled!

Billi is doing great and puppies are all gaining weight. Caring for 10 is a big job and we are very attentive to Billi yet still giving her space to nurse and love on her beautiful puppies.

We do expect to have a few puppies available from this litter at this time! There are 2 black boys, 1 black girl and 1 yellow girl available.