It's All About the Eyelashes


Halloween is just days away and Moon’s little leaves are ready for trick or treating! They tried on their pumpkin costumes and today practiced “the look” that usually works for food.

The white puppies always intrigue me with their beautiful eyelashes and dark eyes and nose. The new kid on the CaveInn block, King Lynus, is maturing into quite a stunning young man. It won’t be long before his final testing is complete and we will be planning for more white puppies.


Lynus is developing his own style and royal presence among a pretty impressive group of adult Labs. He gets along with everyone. Gunther has taken Lynus under his wing and seems to be showing him the ropes as he matures.

Cave is most interested in hangin’ with his dad, Robin. Every day we have with our elder Labs is a blessing. Robin has set a great example for Cave to follow in his paw prints.

Miss Breeze is ready to enter our CaveInn breeding program this next year. We are so pleased with her maturity and she certainly has the best of both mom and dad (Moon & Cave).

King Lynus

Should Lynus be her partner in 2019, we will look forward to stunning white and yellow puppies! It will be a rebuilding year as new Labs will enter and many will retire. We’ve never felt the passage of time as much as we have this year. The future is exciting and will be filled with more improvements and color!

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Happy Halloween!