Moon's Star Wars Crew

With you, the 4th may be.

And so it was, May 4th! This is the first all white/yellow litter we have welcomed to the CaveInn. All 9 puppies were born by 10:30 that Star Wars evening. 

I had planned to post to our puppy blog about Moon’s Star Wars crew the day after they were born, but was delayed by a bit of emotion. Moon is doing great and, as always, is a wonderful Mom. There were 9 originally born and among them was a very, very tiny girl we affectionately named R-2. We intentionally left D-2 off thinking we'd add that when she grew a bit.  You can see her little head peeking out in this first family photo.

Saturday, our little R-2 went silent. We knew she was under developed but our vet felt there was a good chance for her to come around. I stayed with Moon constantly to keep the tiny one trying to nurse. She was a little fighter, but nature took its course. I watched as she took her last breath and Moon rested her head on the little one for comfort. I did my best to comfort Moon, but I’m afraid my tears got in the way.

Moon handled the situation so much better than I did. I think dogs are more accepting (and open) to the natural way of life, while we try to control things that are not up to us. Every experience has the potential to teach us something and I learned that I am not faint-of-heart, but have a very full heart. Even through tears, I do trust nature.

Our crab apple trees are blooming and it has been a beautiful last few day here. We had a nice little bonfire Saturday night to celebrate life and toast to all that is right.

So, here’s to Moon’s beautiful puppies. These precious puppies will grow up healthy and happy in special homes across the states (and one here with us) for years to come.