The Triplets

The time with our little ones always passes very quickly. There is so much anticipation and often waiting for the puppies to arrive that once they do, we blink, and they are headed home. We are very proud of our Labs and the best practices we have in place. Our parents, and future puppy parents, are among the best of the best. By this I mean they yearn to learn about how they can best prepare for a new family member. 

Waiting is by far the toughest part. As much as we reassure parents that the wait is worth it, we know how difficult it is to be on the sidelines. Tula's Triplets was the smallest litter we have had. Taking into consideration that Moon and Mossy did not become pregnant earlier this Spring, we went into testing mode and looked for any possible reason.

What we discovered is that our boy Robin will very much still be performing (that was a strange choice of words:) as our stud! Moon and Mossy are also healthy and will be going into heat once again any time now. With all this said, I am pleased to show you our favorite moments from the last 8 weeks with Tula's Triplets!