Expect the Unexpected

If there's one thing that is certain about raising Labs it's Mother Nature is always in charge. We can only do all we know with the awareness we have, but nature will take its course regardless of our plans.

This has been very true this Spring as two of our girls (Moon & Mossy) did not become pregnant. We asked all the right questions, went through all the right steps. Even doubted our main man Robin - thinking it truly had become his time to retire. My heart was telling me that something was not as it should be when Moon and Mossy came into heat several months earlier than expected. Expect the unexpected right?

When Tula began her heat cycle exactly when we DID expect her to, the breeding between her and Robin was perfect. Moon & Mossy seemed like more of a chore. Here comes my doubting thoughts in Robin. My husband, Joel, is a very calm and even tempered man. He often says to me, "Have faith and just trust in Robin." These words often ring in my head. 

Miss Tula all smiles visiting Dr Keller

Miss Tula all smiles visiting Dr Keller

Dr Keller confirmed (with a relaxin blood test)

that indeed Tula is expecting in June!

Of course we are thrilled with Tula's pregnancy, as are many of our waiting parents. Moon and Mossy will cycle again this summer. Robin and Moon will be paired once again and our new boy, Gunther, will sire Mossy's litter. We had the opportunity to visit with one of our future puppy families yesterday. It's a heartwarming experience for us to learn more about our puppy families and know how much they will adore their puppy when the time comes and their baby is born. To know that our families pour as much heart and soul into raising their Labrador as we do is rewarding to say the least.

Thank you, to all our future parents, I can assure you that when you meet your special puppy you will truly know the wait has been worth it.