Nothing But Wind

April has begun with cold temperatures and high winds. The wind is nice for drying out the dog runs but not much fun for outdoor work. Weather never seems to bother our Labs. Rain, wind, snow and thunder storms are just part of the day around here. 

Little Cave is growing nicely and adapting to the land of giants he lives in at the moment. Last night I really noticed his features in the sunlight developing much like his dad, Robin. We are quite hopeful that this little guy will mature as grand as Robin one day.

On the puppy front, Pidge will be having her pregnancy test next week - fingers crossed! She is demonstrating all the signs of an expectant dam but the positive results will be reassuring. At about 20 days into gestation she becomes a very finicky eater. I let this go for a couple days as she picked around her food and looked at me like I wasn't providing her a complete meal. Finally, we gave in and began adding a bit of venison to her meals. She is a happy camper once again. 

Moon is beginning her 4th week of gestation. She is noticeably slower and not quite as social. Her appetite is amazing and, if allowed, she could eat 5 times a day. She does not become as picky with her meals as Pidge does. Anything that goes into her bowl is okay with her. 

This weekend Mossy and Robin will be getting reacquainted. The time is right, and Mossy is accepting. Now is when Robin does his magic and courts his mate, being patient for just the right moment to breed. We are hopeful that we can set a whelping date for Mossy puppies in the next few days.

Welcome Spring!