Robin's Finale

This post is a week later than I would normally write when new puppies are born at the CaveInn. Tula delivered her babies late Christmas night. Two boys blessed the nursery that night, one black and one yellow. Everyone is very healthy and this is the most important factor for us beyond quantity and color.

Our parents completely understand this, but we still know that emotions can overcome us when we are anticipating a newborn puppy. Especially a Christmas puppy! Before I began to share the news about our little ones, I wanted to be certain that we visited with all parents that hoped for a Tula and Robin puppy. We know we have special families when, although disappointed, they look forward to the next litter. Just as we do!

We tell parents when they are looking for a breeder that doing your research is important, and we are not the right fit for everyone. Our best practices consider what is best for our Labs, first and foremost. I read an article today posted by our friends at Simply Behaviour Dog Training that inspired me and really struck a chord. The article titled "A Designer Dog-Maker Regrets His Creation" is an interview with Wally Conron, the man credited with creating the Labradoodle. (A good read by the way.)

What does this have to do with Tula's little ones and CaveInn Labradors?

We are not always going to have the perfect color or gender at the exact time that puppy buyers are looking. Sometimes it isn't even close! But we always know that the right puppy at the right time will be there for the puppy parents that become part of our extended family.

This year we have retired one of our finest, Boy Wonder "Robin". Watching our Labs age is no different (to us) than watching our children grow up or our parents in advanced stages of dementia. We make the best decisions with the level of awareness we have at the time. Basing our future on health testing and the best of temperaments. We adore all colors of Labradors. Our dilute puppies have some of the best improvements we can offer and are far from the "designer" series of dilute puppies that you will find in abundance.


Boy Wonder "Robin"

Boy Wonder "Robin"

So we move forward and enjoy our time with these special family members that are not with us long enough. Robin will continue visiting nursing homes with me regularly and making a difference to those we cannot always reach with words.

From our home to yours, our wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year.