All is calm...all is bright

These past few weeks we have watched puppies grow and learn so much. Moon's babies are using the potty tray nearly 95% of the time and Mossy's little one (now 3 weeks old) has begun socializing with the big kids. Everyone is getting along great.

Our first snowfall has been a blast for all the adults and they have spent a lot of time romping around the white drifts. Looks like we will be enjoying a very white Christmas. Next week we will be saying goodbye to a few of Moon's puppies as they venture home with their families to celebrate the holidays.

In a week there will only be two of Moon's puppies remaining with us until after the holidays. At that time we will move Mossy's little one in the same den as Moon's two. This will be good for all. We are praying for safe travels for all this holiday season and blessings in the New Year.