Ready for Little Spooks

The nursery is ready for little ghosts and goblins any day now. Miss Moon is doing fantastic! Her temperature dropped on Wednesday night then went back up last night. We are guessing that puppies will arrive this weekend. Once her temperature drops again, we will be on our way.

Miss Pidge was tested a second time and we confirmed that she is not expecting. This is actually good because Mossy is going to deliver 2 weeks after Moon. A third litter is a bit much for us.

Our puppy parents are full of anticipation for both Moon and Mossy's puppies. The next couple weeks will be very exciting.

I think we are going to try the new Facebook Live feature to bring followers and parents in to the whelping area as things unfold. We'll see how this goes and hope to capture the precious moments live!

Moon will have black and white babies and Mossy is expected to have black, chocolate, charcoal and silver babies. Tula has also been bred with Robin and could bring in all colors about Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned and be sure to drop in on our Facebook page for the latest news!