Puppies Arrived July 1

Our champagne girl, SunDown, delivered her puppies this week. She is tending to 9 healthy beautiful babies. They were all over a pound and are vivacious eating machines. In just a few days they grew out of their silly bands and are into puppy collars.

This is SunDown's last litter and we will be holding back one of her girls to keep her beautiful line in our program. SunDown is a wonderful Momma and is keeping her puppies well fed and clean.

There are likely several champagne puppies in this litter. We will be tesing the yellow females so we know which ones are just like SunDown.

If you have ever considered a champagne color Lab, this is the litter to keep an eye on. SunDown's champagne puppies have all been unique in color with great temperaments and nice double coats.

They will grow quickly - as they always do - there are several of these newborns still available!