Moon Pups Head Home-SunDown Pups Move Up

It's been a busy week for puppies. Half of Moon's puppies have made their way home this weekend. One by one the rest will head home as well over the next week. There was a changing of the guard, so to speak, here as Moon no longer is staying with her puppies and SunDown has begun weaning!

The remaining Moon babies are now comfortably residing in the new kennel with the big kids. Although the kennel areas are nice and cool, when we have the kids outside the little pool is a great way to beat this hot, humid weather.

We do have 1 male that has not yet been spoken for from Moon and Robin. As we call him, Only the "Shadow" Knows, I am sure will find his way soon to the perfect place.

SunDown's puppies already have teeth and are drinking milk replacer like it's water! Softened food is in the near future for these kids. They have graduated to the big den and now will discover the monkey bars!!

Only the "Shadow" KnowsThe time flies when puppies are growing and summer just slips away into fall before we know it. I am keeping my eye on a couple of SunDown's girls as I am tempted to hold one back. As soon as SunDown has recovered she will retire from being a Momma and simply be the beautiful princess Lab that she is.