Moon is a Momma!

I don't know where the past 2 weeks went. Mossy is comfortably back in the pack with Aurora, Pidge, Rayne, and Creed. Moon is tending to her 10 sweet black and white newborns. They are just beginning to open their eyes! All are gaining weight nicely and beginning to rise and shine. This week their entire world will change! As soon as they are up and moving and begin to potty on their own the potty tray will be placed where they can learn to go the grassy area and take care of business.

Moon is so very accepting of anyone and all Labs. We had a fun visit from one of Moon's puppies from last October and his family. It was so fun to see them and watch Drake interact with his dad, Robin. Moon had a glimpse of her son Drake as they were leaving. We wante d to be sensitive to Moon (having newborns) but she was as happy as ever and seemed to remember this fur family!

We moved Moon and her babies up to the shop into the larger kennel as all but one of Mossy's puppies have traveled home. Faye will fly to Colorado next weekend. Crate training is going very good with Faye so far. This has taken her attention away from all her littermates being gone. Enjoy these beautiful babies grow over these next weeks!