New Challenges for Puppies

Mossy and Robin's puppies will have a busy week. They continue to experience new sights and sounds along with textures. This morning was a great time to introduce them to the limestone sidewalk, just another surface to practice puppy skills. Miss Sloane took to the rocky pavement like a champ.

On the puppy schedule this week is vaccinations and micro chips. Puupies will begin to venture to their permanent homes as soon as June 5th. There will be a few that remain a bit longer as parents make arrangements for extra time at home with their new family member.

One of the highlights of our time with this crew has been the new puppy gym! They have learned to maneuver under, up and over the plastic 'monkey bars' a we like to refer to them. This has been a fabulous challenge for them and further helped in their young development.  We introduced the puppy gym at about 3 weeks old right before moving them to the new bigger kennel. At first it was a little intimidating, but as they quickly grew and realized how much fun it was to try to reach the toys, there was no holding back.

Today they climb up and over like champs and play until they can hardly stand anymore. To the right is Miss Sloane once again with that famous Labrador puppy look that is irresistible.

Puppy parents visited this weekend to make big decisions and choices. We now have almost all the new names for these lucky Labs.

About the time they begin to go home, we will be welcoming the next CaveInn crew with Moon!