He's My Brother

The last few months have been full of many emotions and blessings. All puppies are now either home or headed there in the next week or two. They are all exactly where they are supposed to be. The updates already bring us to tears with much gladness

I don't think there is any other song that could describe Wheezer's journey better with us, and those that have prayed and followed his progress. It seems like only days ago we were hoping for him to reach 2 lbs! When he visited Dr Keller this week he tipped the scale at 9 lbs. She was impressed, although Dr Keller always believed he was going to be okay. She is an irreplaceable partner of CaveInn Labradors!

Some of our January puppies have new puppy parents that are welcoming their very first addition to their home, a few that are renewing their love for a Labrador after a long life with a true friend had come to an end, and a few that are rebuilding and making a bright new life for their families. We have an avid Hawkeye puppy and an avid Cyclone puppy. I expect to see updates from both at tailgating time. I dreamt about the two puppies and parents meeting during the annual rivalry game this Fall (Really, I'm not on medication, just have an active imagination).

This is not the final post for Wheezer. #GoWheezer has become a houselhold hashtag (at least in our world) and we are not done keeping you posted. Since most of our kids are already home, we thought it was time to bring our favortie moments together.

Wishing a Blessed Easter to all.

He's My Brother from CaveInn Labradors on Vimeo.