A Peek Inside the Nursery

It seems no matter where you are in the United States there is some weather impacting your travel, work, school or really anything that needs to be done outside of home. As this snow storm bears down on us, we stay quietly nestled in warmth near the nursery.

This glimpse into the whelping box, (with Momma Tula and her babies) is a first attempt with our GoPro camera. This fabulous tool will allow us to give our parents and followers a viewpoint that is not often seen.

Puppies are gaining weight nicely and grunting and rolling over to reach for the next meal. We could watch them all day wiggle around and pile up on one another for warmth and comfort. All too soon this phase will pass, we are enjoying every moment.

Stay safe wherever you may be or need to be traveling. Best to stay home and watch puppy videos!