Little Blessings


Little blessings arrive when we least expect them. Labs have a higher sense of smell and basic feeling than we can ever imagine. There are Labs that are working to warn us about illness and be a true companion for so many recovering from PTSD.

Today we received a touching story about one of our puppies born to Tula and Robin last January. We were in tears as we read this very heartwarming story.

Our puppy parents have also made such a difference with this little girl. We are so happy that Luna has enriched their lives and apparently those around her.

We are all truly blessed.

Luna aka Wink at 6 weeks old

Luna aka Wink at 6 weeks old

Just wanted to share a story!!
This morning Mike took Luna to Bass Pro like he does every week. Luna walks very well and never bothers anyone. However, this morning (Bass Pro was packed full of people) Luna was pulling and acting crazy trying to get to one man. Mike tried and tried to control her but she insisted on meeting this man. Finally, the two got to meet. The man and his wife had a yellow lab for 18 years. She died just this week. They were devastated and Luna knew!! She sat and greeted them and they said she made their day!! Funny how she knew!! She is such an amazing dog!! Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives!!!
Mike and Tracy