I Will Walk 500 Miles - #BestBuds 2015

Super Bowl advertisements are getting top billing this week. One particular ad that was scheduled to air really ruffled some feathers. GoDaddy published their Super Bowl ad to their YouTube channel yesterday and it also aired exclusively on the TODAY show. They were hit pretty hard with critism from all directions. Personally, I found it appauling to spoof one of the #BestBuds of the year. By the end of the day, after viral backlash, GoDaddy removed the ad and posted this response in an effort to explain and reassure the public that Buddy (the puppy) indeed came from a reputable breeder and resides as Chief Companion Officer at GoDaddy.

I couldn't wait to see the new #BestBuds for 2015. There is only one true #BestBud!