Time to go Home

What an exciting time to finally bring your puppy home! Many of our parents wait a long time for the puppy they wish to become part of their family. We are color blind when it comes to our Labs and their puppies. We see them as well-bred offspring, and extended family members.

We know, to many, color is important. It is critical, as breeders, to see the big picture when choosing mates. Very rarely will we have just one color in a litter. It means then that some may wait a while for that right puppy. Although we love our dilute (Silver, Charcoal, Champagne) Labs, we understand how important it is to always improve the quality of the line. The result of these tireless efforts are healthy Labs, with great temperament and excellent coat quality. All the things you want your new puppy to be.

Travel safe little ones, don't forget to write!