Mossy Becomes a Mom

Mossy is by far the most reserved female we have ever had during labor. It was obvious that she was in first stages of labor yesterday, but when we brought her into the whelping area and she began hard labor, it was as if she had been trained to be a Mom. She was not the least bit nervious or scared, and with help from God (as always) her delivery was uneventful.

We often talk about our dilute puppies and how we strive to always improve. These silver puppies are just gorgeous. There are various shades of silver from very light to dark. It might be in the next few days we start to see that a couple of them are actually charcoal.

The black boys are the spitting image of Robin, what a treat that is! The chocolate puppies are a very dark lovely shade of chocolate.

We have been blessed and are very excited for our parents!