...and Then There Were Two!

At the end of this week SunDown's puppies will travel again to see Dr Keller for first vaccinations and also micro chips. They are all right about 7 lbs of fluff and true Lab love! We've been getting outside to explore new sounds and textures. It's a big green world to them. Dyani, pictured on the left, has a new name "Gus". He will join his dad Dan and become part of a wonderful family tradition of Labs named "Gus".

Doli, the little girl on the right met her dad Brook this past weekend as well! This is the time that we enjoy so much. When parents meet the puppies and begin a bond that will last for many years.

With Dyani (Gus) and Doli now chosen this leaves us only two yellow boys that have not met their parents. Shea and Kai are both yet available. Puppies will be ready to travel home after July 25. Shea is a little lighter, almost white, compared to Kai's dusty yellow color. We take such pride in this paring between SunDown and Robin. There is hardly a better conformation found between superior health clearances and pedigree. If you are looking for a hunting line or simply a well-bred Lab take a look at this litter.

Iowa has a famous bike ride across our beautiful state each July called RAGBRAI that welcomes thousands of riders from all over the world. We are so happy to welcome visitors to CaveInn Friday afternoon as they pass through to the West end of Iowa. We are thrilled to offer puppy play for all before they embark on what is always an adventure!