First Puppies of 2014

SunDown has been a trooper this past week. She was happy and healthy her entire gestation period. Yesterday, when she began labor we camped out in the whelping room with snacks and a few classic movies. We took turns walking SunDown and massaging her neck and back.

I guess it's a bit silly to some to behave this way with a strong working Lab. Mother Nature is really in charge. Our job is to do everything we can to make things as comfortable as possible for our Labs. By the early morning hours today, SunDown was settled in with her 8 puppies, all of them clean and nursing famously.

Welcome our first litter of 2014! As with each of our parings this litter with SunDown and Robin is one that gleams with improvements! We adore our dilute chocolate, black and yellow Labs, and are committed to only producing these beautiful colors when we improve. The puppy parents that so patiently wait for one of our dilute Labs are certain to receive a Purebred Lab that has health clerances and is not line or in-bred. 

Our mission is to improve and educate those that either purchase a puppy from us or simply follow our story and our Labs. We vow to work as hard for our Labs as they work for us, not only as breeding Labs, but working dogs in the field, farm and care facilities.

SunDown has brought 8 beautiful Labs to CaveInn. There are 4 males and 4 females. All is quiet for tonight as puppies nurse and wiggle their way in close to Momma. Watch these little ones grow quickly in the next few weeks!