Moving Day!

As predicted, puppies began climbing out last night as they stretched as far as they could to reach for Momma when she left the whelping box. Time for a change!

"Lilly" on her tippy toes as sister "Sego" watches

They are now in the Beg Den and happily exploring their large new home. SunDown is adjusting to jumping in and out and everyone seems to be content. Our first puppy family visited yesterday and chose and named the two black girls they will soon take home!

We have one black female "Doli" still available!

They are all betweem 4-4.25 lbs now at three weeks old. This week they will begin milk replacer to help Momma out a bit and prepare them for solid food! We will be exposing them to many difference surfaces over the next 4 weeks. They will also have a chance to watch me mow the lawn and Joel continue construction on the boys kennel. Swimming is in the near future as temperatures warm up and humidity makes the water fun a must!

Stay tuned for lots of action!