Memorial Weekend SunShine

We are beginning this holiday weekend with warm temperatures and plenty of outdoor time for all Labs. Preparation continues for our first litter of 2014 with SunDown due June 6. The new kennel is done enough that boys are comfortably residing there with lots of extra space.

This morning was a perfect time for a little work with girls and photo opportunities. Creed, our newest little man held back from SunDown and Robin last year, is a real joy.

SunDown is happy and growing!

She is to the uncomfortable point but still eating very well, and fairly active. This is a repeat breeding with SunDown and Robin. This litter produces some of the finest puppies our program has ever seen. This litter will be the first of 4 planned breedings this year.

Pidge and Mossy will likley be coming into heat any time. Pidge has had a nice long stretch since her last litter and we are hopeful for another beautiful pairing with her and Myles. Mossy will be bred to Robin and produce silver, charcoal, chocolate and black puppies. This is a first breeding and one we have been looking forward to!