Puppies 5 Weeks Old

Moon's puppies will be visiting Dr Keller next week for vaccinations and micro chips. At Compassionate Care they use a new chip that allows you to track your Lab on Google. This gives us added comfort that our puppy parents have this already done before they get home. All the puppies that are reserved have now been chosen. We have three amazing black boys that are not yet reserved.

Earl, Wolf and Sturge are the available puppies. All of these puppies have both parent's temperament and will grow up to be great partners in the field or at home.

They have taken to solid food quite nicely. We are also trying a special potty place with artificial grass in a tray that holds liquid. This is cleaned and changed twice a day and we have very few spots that are missed! The hope is that by the time they are ready to go home, house breaking will be second nature to them.

Momma Moon has continued to supplement her pups with milk and it is now like dessert to them. When she decides it's time for a snack, they are all very anxious. She is also snuggling with them late at night. By this point we like to give Mom a break and separate her from the pups, but Moon is just not ready for us to do this yet. Momma knows best!

In a couple weeks we will participate in a live window display for a Christmas on Main event with Dr Keller and crew. This will be a magical time for many and one we look forward to at this time of year. Watch for photos of our puppies in the window!