Black Boys Turn 8 Weeks Old

Oak and Birch are enjoying the change of season here at CaveInn. They have adjusted well after their littermates traveled to their homes. We are getting outside a lot these days. The cool weather doesn't even phase them, they are too interested in the dry brown and yellow pieces on the grass that just tumble about in the wind.

They have grown so much and as we hear updates from other parents it seems all of Mossy and Robin's puppies are doing well. We are confident Oak and Birch will make a good choice for their new homes. Although they are always together right now, these boys are different in their own way and will make an obedient hunting partner and a loyal family member.

We are taking applications for these boys and really intend to have them placed in the right homes any day. Although we love all the inquiries on these two handsome guys, we do ask to have perspective owners complete our Puppy Placement Form for consideration.