Full Moon Phases Arrived!

Our beautiful white Lab "Moon" surprised us nearly a week ago with 10 healthy puppies a few days earlier than we expected. Gestation is always approximate (no different than humans) but when Moon was restless a week ago, we thought she may be just uncomfortable.

Each female experiences whelping uniquely, Moon was rather quiet and did not nest as rambunciously as some of our females do. Her very first puppy really surprised us and it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time. We had to take a double take when we realized Moon was delivering her first puppy. She had no complaints, and just delivered as though she had done this before. Nature is amazing.

Since her first puppy surprised us early we appropriately named him Early Moon with call name "Earl".

By the time we had him ready to nurse Moon had delivered two more beautiful, perfect babies. By the wee hours of the morning Moon was resting comfortably with her 10 puppies.

We have chose all Full Moon phases for each of their names (excpet Earl, he was special). Enjoy watching them grow.


We will be posting pictures and video snippets almost every day on our Facebook page. If you have not clicked "Like" we invite you to follow Moon and her puppie's progress over the next couple months.