Snow Dogs

The last 10 days have been pretty brutal in North Iowa. Our temperatures were well below zero with record wind chill that made us cringe. Needless to say, puppies did not venture outside. Kiara (Ava), Timon (Lugar), and Rafiki (Atlas) made their way home even through the cold days. All three are doing well and we can't wait for updated photos!

Finally today the temperatures are back in the 30's and the yellow boys got their first taste (literally) of the frozen white blanket.

They all enjoyed the time outside and especially loved hopping in the funny frozen white stuff. Of course they licked and ate as much snow as they could, because they could.  All welcomed the adventure but I must say that Simba was the heartiest one that didn't want to come back inside!

Simba, Scar, and Pumbaa are continuing to interview families and are still looking for just the right fit. For now, they will enjoy each other's company and the snowfilled wonderland while the weather is favorable.