Alix loves her big Sister

Alix was the smallest in Rayne's litter. Still she grew very nicely, just with fine features. Sunday was the big day for her to venture home and meet her family, including her big sister Clare! This can sometimes be tricky as puppy thinks the world is about puppy! As you can see the pair of now sisters are getting along famously. It appears Clare is the perfect gentle Momma giant to nurture and teach Alix the ways of the house. Below was the update we received:

Hi Penny!

Thank you for driving Alix to meet us on Sunday.  She is a sweetheart.

Clare and Alix are developing a nice bond.  Clare is patient and intrigued.

Apparently Alix was held a lot!  That is sweet, as you have so many dogs.  

How do you find time to love them all?  

She has walked around the block on a leash twice.  She needed a ride for part of the way, as her little legs got tired.  Once the weather is cooler, we will walk every day.

Thank you for this beautiful puppy.  We will send another update.



I think puppies have this sixth sense about them and the right families are drawn by some law of attraction to be together. It surely seems that way so very often.  This thought is a true blessing as are the families we meet through our Lab family.


Best Friends