Puppies 2 Weeks Old

Rayne's little family is doing fabulous. They are all nearly 3 lbs and are sporting new collars. We are beginning to see slits of eyes opening. Oliver is the first to open the eyes! Our first puppy parents will visit this next weekend. It will be a big week for all!

Rayne is doing very well and we are all getting much needed rest throughout the night. It seems she is feeding them all of the time. As eyes open and they become more mobile we will see little personalities come alive.

We received our Genetics report on the yellow puppies and are fortunate to have a fabulous improved champagne female. Maggie Mae will be heading to Kansas and has an exciting future!

Rufus, Oakley and Duchess are also spoken for and their families are all so excited to be preparing to bring them home.

Alix is a precious as can be. She is so light colored and fine featured. She has not been reserved!

If we were holding back a puppy from this litter, it would be Bailey! We love her color and she is sure to be very similar to Myles! Bailey is available!

We will be adding more video and pictures as the week unfolds with many exciting adventures for these little paws. Stay tuned!