This week's updates on puppies at home

Hi Penny,

Here are a few pics of Kimber and Charlee.  Kimber definitely is a brave little soul who kept trying to get closer to Charlee even though she was upset and jealous (she is still mad at mom).  But she is very protective of her and if they go when its dark, Charlee waits for her to finish before she comes in.  Charlee really barked after a dog came in and growled at the group.Charlee is a beautiful Weimaraner
Kimber has slowly tried to sneak next to charlee so she could lay by her or on top of her (Charlee has been very accepting of this) and one of the picks is Kimber enjoying her first frosty paw (which she absolutely loved until what appeared to be that she got a brain freeze).  I will send more soon!!


Hi Penny,
Just had to share this adorable photo of my new best friend.

I love him so much! He is very entertaining. :)
Take care,Winchester aka Cooper








Hey Penny,

I thought I'd give you an update on how Cinder is adapting to her new home. She has been doing great with potty training and everybody loves her. We went to the vet and she did great! She was so calm with a half a dozen dogs there and she fell asleep on the counter while I was paying the bill.

She only whined for 5 minutes the first night in the crate, and she actually slept all the way through the night on the third night here! She already had mastered "sit, down, and shake" before she was 8 weeks and she plays fetch too!

We want to thank you again for everything. You and Joel take good care of your dogs and puppies, and we would love to get a white lab from you guys in the future! Hope all is well!

Ryan & Jamie