Quiet Kennel

This morning our final puppy, Mac, went home with his family. All are doing well adjusting to new surroundings and some are getting acquainted with other pets in the household. Each litter has unique stories that we love to share over and over again. We gave names to these precious ones to recognize our past puppy families and the names they chose for their new Silver Cave puppy. Five out of the ten puppies will remain with the same name!

We have learned that traveling by air with your puppy in the cabin with you is by far the best way to go. Winchester's mom flew from Georgia to Iowa to meet us at the airport. She had the biggest smile on her face as she walked toward us with her soft kennel in hand ready to love on her new sweet boy. We could not stay once they entered security but she was prepared with her collapsible water container, toys, puppy pads, and a little kibble. The flight was delayed but her and Winchester won the hearts of all in the airport. If Winchester had traveled a week later he would never have fit in the soft kennel:) There was a zipper top and when his mom unzipped it he popped his head out like it was a convertible. A sweet journey and one Winchester's mom will not soon forget. We have so much admiration for our parents and the extent they go to make sure their new family members arrive safe to begin life in their forever homes. As always, it brings a tear or two to our eyes to say so long. Thanks to all our parents for a wonderful experience of unconditional love and joy for purebred Labradors.