Puppy Parents Visit

What a great weekend! Yesterday was a full day of visitors at Silver Cave. We finally had the chance to meet two families that have been with us a very long time. Shannon and Mike along with their two boys have been waiting for a puppy for more than a year. Yesterday was the day they came to pick first from our charcoal girls. I often tell parents that puppies are known to pick their families, and this was definitely the case with Miss Graycie.

This little 4 week old charmer could not have snuggled up any quicker or closer to Shannon. To watch her pick up her puppy she had waited so long to hold and love was very moving. The morning turned in to the afternoon in a flash. They have chosen to keep little Graycie's name and in a few weeks they will return to bring her forever home.

Bless you Shannon and Mike for your patience, your faith in Silver Cave and you unconditional love for your family.