Valentine Puppies?

The actual due date for Pidge is February 17. Yesterday she was ready for alone time as she got a little cranky with Rayne. So we made the move with her to the whelping area. She is still picking at her food, but in small amounts every couple hours. There is not a lot of room for a big meal all at once.

As you see here she is as close to me as possible in the office today. I do love her close so I can watch the little gremlins move about when she is resting.

It is a cold, icy day here so it's the perfect weather to cook and get final preparations ready for whelping. I am boiling whole chicken to supplement for Pidge after whelping. I have checked my whelping list and filled in a few things I needed. When I review my list of items I am humbled by what our Mammas do instinctively. We are there to make them more comfortable and assist when we need to, but they are far more knowledgeable than we are. We prepare for the unexpected, and give our Mammas and babies the healthiest beginning possible. 

Whelping Supplies:

We will welcome puppies this week for certain. I'm taking a guess that Pidge will have 6 puppies. We opted not to do an x-ray this time. My husband is guessing 8. If you would like to play or give us name ideas please visit our Fabebook page and let us know what you think!

Will we have Valentine puppies?