Special Holiday Season

It is with much anticipation that we announce the upcoming litter between SunDown and Robin. This is by far the most improved paring we have done in our breeding program. Both Labs have a long list of Champion bloodline, Standard lines, and health clearances.

SunDown was PennHip tested and is 70% better than more than 20,000 Labradors. This rating is incredible conformation. All of her puppies will also be clear of EIC/DM/CNM/PRA/prcd and RD/OSD by parentage! 

Improvements are important to what we do, and this is a litter we will be so proud to offer to special puppy parents.


Boy Wonder "Robin" is no stranger to the limelight with his pedigree as well. He has become the calm, gentle leader in our kennel. He visits the nursing homes regularly and we plan to continue his training as a therapy dog in 2014. His demeanor is one a hunter dreams of in his canine partner. We are accepting deposits on this upcoming November event.


We do keep our website updated as deposits are accepted.