Stella update

Pidge and Myles brought 8 beautiful puppies to Silver Cave last year. We are expecting once again with Pidge and Myles for this Spring. We received an update today from Stella's dad Nic today and just had to share the precious photos and kind words. Thank you Nice & Abby!

Hi Penny, 

I was just on your website this morning and thought I would shoot you a quick update on Stella.  She is doing great and still growing quickly…she is a little over 50lbs now!  We just had her spayed on Friday and she is already pretty much back to her normal crazy ways.  She is the best dog and we get complements on both her appearance and personality from everyone she meets; we couldn’t be any happier with her.  You and Joel do a fantastic job, and hopefully in the next year or two we will be able to get another pup from you.

I have included a few pictures for you as well.  One is from Christmas day and the others are pretty recent as well.

I also had a question for you and wanted to get your thoughts.  I noticed Life’s Abundance now has large breed puppy food.  Would you recommend us getting that for Stella at this point or just staying with the regular Life’s Abundance food we have been feeding her?

Nic has a great question regarding the new Large Breed Puppy food. My answer to him was as long as Stella has been doing great there is no need to make a change. We will choose the new Large Breed Puppy food for our upcoming litters, but see no reason to change at this point with puppies already doing fantastic!