Pidge's Puppies Venture Home

Puppies have traveled home this weekend. What an exciting time for families and puppies. There are just three of Pidge's pups left at Silver Cave. Mykonos aka Flounder and Bella aka Babs will be flying home in a few weeks once they have had a 2nd vaccination. Boon aka Boon is still looking for his permanent home. I'm so happy that three remain together during this time.

These three siblings will enjoy playing outside with Mamma Pidge until it is time they venture home. The longer they are with us the more we bond with them. Boon is pretty special and we realize he could go home at any time. Fall has really begun with our first frost last night, about the best time for the kids to play outside is the sunny late afternoons. Good luck to all new puppy parents, we keep you in our thoughts especially during these first weeks.