Celebrating 1 week and 3 week old puppies!

What a busy place it is here! Rayne's puppies are a week old and growing like crazy. The visit to Dr Keller's was fantastic as always. Compassionate Care is exactly as the name proclaims. Dr Keller and her entire staff are loving and compassionate people who truly love what they do. We put up heavy duty kennel panels around the whelping area to help Rayne be less anxious. She was relocating her puppies out of the whelping area so we thought maybe a more confined space would help her anxiety.

She is resting easier now and still has plenty of space outside of the whelping box to relax. We will be testing the 5 yellow pups to determine if there are any dilute yellow or "champagne" puppies. We are guessing that we have a couple bubbly looking babies.


Pidge's puppies are growing like crazy and really talking up a storm. Mamma is so sweet with them as she lays in the kennel and they all tumble all over her. She is so very calm and we are observing her puppies are as well. We will begin milk replacer this week to lead up to the weaning process. The first milk moments are precious ones, I hope to capture them on video! Time goes by so fast. This week they will also discover a larger play area with toys!

There is only 1 charcoal male available in this litter! The coats are outstanding and this has proven to be a fabulous breeding.