Rayne is getting close

Rayne is expected to deliver her puppies this week. I always get ahead of myself and pretty obsessive at whelping time. I've been trying to exercise more control over my nesting behavior and practice a calmer approach. This worked pretty well with Pidge's delivery so now I  have another opportunity with Rayne this week.

 Rayne is our oldest female and our mightiest! Her coat remains this shiny even after whelping. She is a very attentive mother and during whelping it is amazing how she takes care of things. She is very athletic and is always full of energy.

This will be a fine improvement litter that is likely to produce chocolate, silver, yellow and champagne. Yesterday her temperature began to drop which certainly indicates she is well on her way to delivery. Our hope is that she holds on another couple days. After a restful night she ate a pretty good breakfast this morning so I think we may get our wish fopr her to hold off a day or so.

Stay tuned.....