Pidge begins...

It has been a very unusual Spring and although I say this with hesitation...Pidge has begun her heat cycle. There is calm in our kennel after two missed pregnancies. We will breed Pidge with Myles this cycle. The result should be silver and charcoal puppies the first part of August. This will be the first pairing of these two beauties.

Pidge is pictured above resting in the grass during a very warm Sunday yesterday. She is a dog that loves the outdoors and it is difficult to get her to come inside on any given day. She loves all weather and does not seem to be bothered by much. Her and Myles have great temperaments and we expect special pups from this union.

Myles is one of the happiest dogs we own. He is always in a great mood and ready to please. We completed the first dog run yesterday and he is in heaven! Our Labs get pleanty of exercise but when girls are in season we must take great care with all Labs. The country air sometimes  attracts unwanted visitors.

Stay tuned for more progress in the coming weeks.

Remembering our fallen today and thankful for the freedom they have sacrificed for us all.