Pseudo Pregnancy

Sage was terrific at the vet this week. Dr Keller even commented when we walked in "my how you have filled out.." Several x-ray views revealed no puppies. I had to sit in the waiting room a while to absorb the news. A pseudo (false) pregnancy is not something we have ever experienced. My concern quickly focused on Sage and how to get her through this time when she expects to become a mom any day.

Her body is telling her she is pregnant. She has developed mammory glands but her milk has not come in. Dr Keller believes nature will simply take its course and once the whelping time has past she should come out of this naturally. We are supportive and loving and are keeping her close. One year ago today she delivered what we called the "Royal Birth" in honor of the Royal wedding that took place the next day.

As we wish Happy 1st Birthday to our Royal crew we look forward to a busy Summer and Fall as both our silver girls come into season again. We are likely to choose Myles for Addy's litter and can expect all silver puppies. Sage and Robin we will hope for later in the Summer.