Ruger (Finn and Ike's brother)

Ruger was the only chocolate puppy for Rayne x Myles. His parents wrote recently to let us know how he was growing. Love these photos!


Just wanted to give a little update on Ruger.  He is such a great little guy.  He absolutely loves to go everywhere with us.  He knows sit, stay, come, drop (whatever he has retrieved) and he knows to go to the kennel when we say kennel.  Ruger is such a fast learner, we taught him that he cannot eat until Kyle or I say it is okay.  So he sits so patiently in front of his food bowl.

A few of the things he loves are; his squeaking ducks (he’s been thru 3 of them now), socks, hiding under the bed, and bathtime!  I love giving him a bath he thinks he’s at the spa I swear!  After his bath he proceeds straight to the carpet and runs and flips all around. 

Thanks so much for being a great breeder, we will for sure be seeing you in a couple of years for our next lab pup.  We are thinking a Charcoal pup is in order some day :)


Chelsea & Kyle