Puppies Are Home!

Now that all our 2012 puppies have settled in to their new homes we are enjoying the updates we get now and again. "Ike" was our last puppy to venture home to Virginia. We had more time with him than most because he was flying. Our new girls "Mossy" and "Moon" had the opportunity to crate train with Ike and the three of them were best friends.

I was so happy to hear from his dad Dave with this thoughtful message and great photo:


I just wanted to give you an update on Ike. 

He’s doing fantastic.  He is such as social dog. I take him EVERYWHERE with me, and people are just drawn to him.   We had some issues the first weekend with howling in the crate at night, but he’s settled down, and can go about 4 hours before he has to go outside.

He’s doing exceptionally well on leash, and with other dogs at the park.  He’s is a complete joy. Attached is a photo from our neighborhood parade this past weekend. He was the star.