Stormy's Rock Band

Stormy’s puppies arrived exactly on her due date. There are 4 boys and 2 girls. All puppies and Momma are doing quite well.

She is a great Momma and is lovin’ on her little one every moment she is alone with them. Of course when I go to the nursery to clean and weight puppies, all Miss Stormy wants is a belly rub. She gets lots of lovin’ too!

The 2 girls have not yet been reserved!


Puppies Prepare for Home

Here we are once again nearing the end of our time with these beautiful puppies. These last few days have been some of the best as they play outside in the baby pool and enjoy lots of great Iowa weather.


We are keeping one of Tula’s puppies from her final litter to carry on her pedigree. Breeze has been a very calm and caring Momma but is certainly happy to join her pack. One of her boys will be staying on with us for a few weeks before I will fly with him to Texas. Puppies ordinarily do quite well flying in the cabin. As long as we prepare them for travel (empty tummy + tired puppy = good traveler).


The green cart pictured above has come in very handy when taking 13 puppies to see Dr Keller. We held puppy cart practice the week before we ventured out for vaccinations and microchips. This made transporting the kids from the crates in the car into the vet’s office very smooth. They all stayed in the cart like good little kids and enjoyed all the attention!

Needless to say, a big improvement for all!

Milton's Legacy

Our last post was in memory of our great friend, Robin.

All our Labs are part of our family. How often do you hear or read this when talking about your pets? At the end of the day it is always just us and our Labs. They all have their own place in our hearts that will always be there. Reality sets in a bit when you face the loss of one of your true friends and family members. As much as this hurts and aches in the deepest part of our soul…they made life better.


When parents visit the CaveInn, they inevitably meet Milton. At 14, we cherish every day he is with us. When we rescued Milton we never dreamed he would rescue us. He is always there to keep us focused on what is important. When our Mommas are ready for company after having puppies, it’s Milton that keeps them company.

As puppies grow and are weaned, ready to play with each other and adult Labs, it’s Milton that is most patient and the kindest Grandpa that we could hope for.

Milton & Duke.jpg


Milton teaches us all.

If there is one thing we’ll remember about this old boy, it’s patience. These days he requires a bit more help to get around, but still wakes up every morning (wobbly legs and all) ready to smell the air and enjoy his breakfast.

He provides a balance in the pack reminding others to respect one another and be patient with their humans as they sometimes fumble the canine language and misinterpret situations. His look says it all…”they are only human!”

Milton has imprinted on so many lives over the years.

He is a blessing!

Boy Wonder "Robin" In Memory

I was just spending a little time with our boy Cave, Robin’s son. He has been a bit lonely since Robin’s passing, and yet he is helping me in the tender way he learned from his dad. Only Robin knew how to give a human just what was needed at just the right time. Every time I look at our logo I think of Robin with that gentle extended paw.

Robin and Cave were always together. I think Cave inherited the best of both his parents. We are just realizing some of these endearing qualities in Cave since Robin is no longer beside him.

Robin seemed to age overnight.

In the last few years we’ve been very aware that we have a number of elders. Robin was not the one we were prepared to say goodbye to. There is never a good time for goodbye, but in our hearts we fully recognized the right time.


Robin leaves behind a true legacy and our lives would never have been the same if he had not been part of our family. Many of our puppy parents with a Lab sired by Robin understand how special he was and how blessed we all were to have him touch our lives.

Until we meet again my friend…God speed.

In memory of Robin

May The Fourth 2019

Puppy families of our Star Wars Moon crew are celebrating 2 years old today! Everyone sent a photo of their Moon puppy today and special thanks to Andy and Bentley (Mara’s parents) for putting together this special collection of all the puppies. Enjoy them then and now!

Cave Inn Star Wars Puppies.jpg

Happy Birthday to all puppies and parents!

Billi's Little Bit of Southern Charm

When we chose our names for Billi’s litter we didn’t realize there actually is a show called “Southern Charm”. I guess we don’t watch BravoTV very often.

Billi had her puppies Saturday. How odd we have had 2 daytime deliveries. We are thankful for this as the last few days before delivery can be unsettling for all. She had an uneventful labor and delivery. For this we are always very thankful.

Tired Momma with her babies

Tired Momma with her babies

We will be have a few puppies available from both litters. When we hear from all our parents with reservations about their preferences, we can post what is available!

Stormy Weather

Our first Spring puppies have arrived! Stormy delivered 8 big healthy puppies today. I think it must have been the super moon that prompted her to go into labor. Of course, it could have been that today was her due date. She had 4 boys and 4 girls. Simply fantastic!


All puppies were over a pound and all are nursing quite well. Stormy is settling in and ready for a nice quiet night loving her puppies. This may just be the beginning of the storm this weekend. Billi is also due any day with her puppies.

Busy time, it must finally be Spring!

Waiting for Spring

Miss Billi soaking up the Sunday sunshine.       She is due March 25.

Miss Billi soaking up the Sunday sunshine. She is due March 25.

The first part of 2019 has been a busy breeding time at the CaveInn. Stormy, Billi, and Moon are settling into the 2nd half of their pregnancies without incident. I’m such a worrier and watch each girl every day eat, drink and poop - yes, poop! You can tell a lot about a dog by their poop. Truly, I’m not crazy, just a helicopter dog Mom.

Stormy is the first girl due about March 21. We expect her to deliver charcoal and silver puppies and also expect this crew to all be spoken for. We are so excited for our parents waiting for the arrival of their new puppy!

Blue Moon due April 1st with all white puppies.

Blue Moon due April 1st with all white puppies.

The winter weather has been challenging with more snow and blizzards than we’ve seen in many years. The kids love the snow, but time outside in -30 degrees is limiting at best. You might say the troops are getting restless! Here we are into March when our temps should be in the 30’s and there’s another winter storm due to pass through this weekend.

We are very fortunate to have numerous large areas to allow the kids to play ball inside and get plenty of time to burn off energy. Nothing is as good as the outdoors, but at 25 below floor heat is pretty darn nice!

Stormy, our 1st girl due March 21.

Stormy, our 1st girl due March 21.