Puppies have all traveled home!

The Zodiac puppies are over 5 weeks old and looking forward to vaccinations and microchips coming up soon! They are completely on solid food and playing like crazy with toys and each other.

The Zodiacs have all traveled home. What a joy these colorful kids have been at the CaveInn.

Zodiac Puppies 4 Weeks Old

It's raining here today but the humidity and temperature is more comfortable than it has been lately. Billi's little ones have met most of their families and enjoyed lots of activity. This week they will transition to solid food and by the weekend will be introduced to the pool and maybe the water slide!

 This sweet champagne girl is Aries ~ she is AVAILABLE!

This sweet champagne girl is Aries ~ she is AVAILABLE!

There is just one final choice that will be made between the two black boys. We do know that we have Miss Aries (champagne female) and Miss Virgo (black female) along with one of the black boys available!

 Here's Miss Virgo ~ she is AVAILABLE!

Here's Miss Virgo ~ she is AVAILABLE!

The Planets Have Aligned

Billi's puppies have arrived! Before the night was done on July 23, Billi had delivered 10 very colorful, healthy puppies. There are 5 males and 5 females! Good job Billi!

 How many do you see?

How many do you see?

The last week of pregnancy, we have Dr Keller xray our expectant Mommas to get as close an idea as we can what to expect during delivery. We knew there were for sure 8 and in my over zealous numbering I imagined there to be 10. I truly thought I was being a bit creative with my numbering, but when #10 was delivered we were thrilled!

Billi is doing great and puppies are all gaining weight. Caring for 10 is a big job and we are very attentive to Billi yet still giving her space to nurse and love on her beautiful puppies.

We do expect to have a few puppies available from this litter at this time! There are 2 black boys, 1 black girl and 1 yellow girl available.

As Wonders Depart...Little Fish Arrive


Safe Travels

Stormy's Wonders

We are saying good-bye to Stormy's wonders this week. So many have asked us how we can part with our puppies after the time we spend with them. The answer is simple, we have amazing parents and families that we have been blessed to work with and become part of our extended family.

Whenever we decide to have a family reunion we will need a lot of sandwiches!

Sunday evening proved to be a grand event as Tula delivered her 7 little fish. Seven seems to be the magic number this year! Momma and puppies are all doing well. We absolutely love the colors Tula has delivered.


Beautiful Momma Tula

All 7 of her little Fish are reserved.

Introducing the 7 Wonders to Water

Finally a beautiful warm, sunny day. Joel always has something new to introduce to puppies and today it was...The CaveInn Water Slide.

Everyone did such a good job. The water was a little cool, but they all navigated the way down the slide with a little help from Coach Joel. They are 4 weeks old and before we know it parents will be taking them home!

Spring Storms

Miss Stormy began our spring babies on April 13th. The puppies are now 4 weeks old and growing like like the dandelions in our yard! By the time these little ones make their way to their homes, Tula will be delivering her puppies!


 Just a couple days before Stormy delivered her puppies we brought home our long awaited new white boy, Lynus. Now he was from the South and the day after he arrived in Iowa we had a major snow storm! Before April was finished with us we had another even bigger snow storm. Lynus has adjusted to his new Midwestern life very well!

Eyes shut.jpg

The latest news this week is that chocolate girl, Billi is in heat. We will be pairing her with Cave next week and hope to have rainbow of beautiful puppies in July!

Always an adventure here at the CaveInn!

Welcome Spring

The winter here has been a blur for us. Although the weather has been quite mild, and all Labs and puppies are doing wonderful, we have been grieving the loss of my mom. Sometimes, it's necessary to just be still and thankful for all our blessings. Mom was 91 and even though she earned her angel wings a long time ago, on January 12 she was able to finally use them to fly.


We welcomed our first puppies of 2018 with Mossy delivering 9 perfect babies the thirs week of January. Everyone is home and learning all new things with their families. One of our families now have 2 Mossy babies. Pictured below are Shadow and Josie settling in nicely. Shadow is the big brother and has been gentle with his little sis. Josie seems to be the more rambunctious one of the two!


Over and over we are thankful that we have been able to meet amazing families. Thank you, all for sharing your lives with us and becoming part of our extended family!


Billi's Elves

Just after enjoying a Thanksgiving, Billi delivered her 8 beautiful puppies. As expected, she brought many shades of yellow, black, and charcoal to the CaveInn. They are already 3 weeks old and this is the first blog post I have been able to write.


It's a busy time of year when families are gathering, people are traveling, shopping or toasting to the season. We have been celebrating life in many ways. As often as I mention our puppy parents and families and how incredibly blessed we are, I just can't say express enough how much we love our extended fur family.

I'm overwhelmed by the updates and the holiday greetings from so many. Thank you for being part of our journey and part of our family!

Merry Christmas to all!

A Fall Storm

1-Stormy due.jpg

The autumnal equinox brought in Stormy and Cave's puppies. Stormy delivered 10 big babies Friday the 21st. All kids and Momma are doing well. We visit Dr. Keller tomorrow to remove dew claws.

We will have a few charcoal puppies available. It looks as thought the entire litter is charcoal. Although it is a bit early to tell. Sometimes there is very little difference between light charcoal and dark silver. In any case we will have a few females available!


Welcome Fall Storm

There are 6 females and 4 males.

There are 2 females & 1 male available!

Summer Puppies

This year has been quite unusual for us at the CaveInn. All our girls blessed us with beautiful puppies that have grown and moved on to their families. We have welcomed a new girl to our pack, one of Moon's Stars, we have named "CaveInn's Summer Breeze".

 Miss Summer Breeze - 3 weeks old

Miss Summer Breeze - 3 weeks old

For the first time in a year, we are accepting reservations for our Fall puppies! We are planning for silver and charcoal with Stormy & Cave and all colors with Billi & Cave. These girls should deliver a month or more apart making things a bit less hectic here. 

Enjoy this gallery of Summer puppies and watch for some beautiful Fall colors!