Pidge and Aurora Countdown

We enter this last week of gestation for Pidge and Aurora with much anticipation and excitement. Our majestic charcoal, Pidge turned 4 this last December. This will be her first litter in over 2 years. She has had a nice long rest and is ready for motherhood once again!

Pidge has the most even, loving temperament. This will be our first pairing with her and Robin. These puppies will all have blocky heads and will inherit the best temperament we can produce. Both Pidge and Robin will be working toward Therapy certifications in the near future. With Robin's master hunter pedigree any of these pups would also be fabulous in the field.

This is Aurora's first litter as she turned 2 this past September. We are very blessed to have two females that are PennHip tested 90% better than all Labs tested. Aurora and Moon, both white girls, fill our program with the best of the best! Improving our lines is at the core of our mission, and Aurora and Robin (like Moon and Robin) will produce puppies that would be hard to compare a better conformation.
 Both of these beauties are due on or around January 24. The girls are looking pretty full and progressing nicely toward the day we welcome their babies to the CaveInn. Our best guess, at this point, is that Pidge may deliver first. She appears to be a bit more developed and has slowed down more than Aurora.

We don't really expect Aurora to miss a beat even with puppies. She has an amazing drive and happy personality to compliment her desire to work!

Watch closely these next few weeks for lots of puppy breath!