Aurora and Pidge - Mommas of the Week

In the past 5 days Aurora and Pidge have introduced us to 18 new CaveInn Labradors. Both Mommas are doing well and all puppies are healthy and nursing quite nicely. During those first weeks we keep a very different sleep pattern, tag teaming to look in on our moms and babies each couple hours. As we get closer to the one week mark all puppies are gaining weight and both Aurora and Pidge are feeling good!

Each litter we welcome to CaveInn is different from the ones before. We see unique coat colors and shade variations of yellow, chocolate and black. With these two litters, my first observation with Aurora's puppies is they are calmer and not as fussy or intense as Pidge's. This is Aurora's first litter and not knowing what to expect, we are amazed by her natural poise as a new Mom.

Robin and Aurora's breeding is truly the 'best of the best' in conformation and temperament. We are proud of our pairing and the future these pups have. 
All our girls are some of the best, but with Aurora (and Moon) it doesn't get any better.

Aurora and Robin are our most well behaved and well trained Labs. 

Knowing that temperament is hereditary, these puppies will respond like putty in the hands of those that love them!

I began pre-stressing these little ones today, and it was so fun to handle each one and see how they behaved with this set of positions. Every one was calm as they were laid on their back in the palm of my hand. What a great process. This time with these little ones will go far too fast. This is the very beginning of socialization for these great retrievers. Socialization, when started early will go a long way to preparing each puppy to move on with their family.