Winter Arrives!

Moon's puppies are just a couple days past 3 weeks of age. Our little Teddy is 3 weeks old today! He is doing famously and is a real sweet boy. This past week the weather turned to winter pretty quickly. We have enjoyed our first measurable snow and more on the way tomorrow!

The only puppies we have available are the 4 black bears - Earl, Buck, Wolf, and Sturge. I really need to learn more about lighting so I can do these handsome boys justice in the photos. All have the potential to favor their dad Robin. Big square noses and even temperament.

The weekend was busy with puppy parents visiting to meet the gang. Moon and Robin love the attention and meeting new people. Although Moon is receptive to visitors, she isn't quite sure she likes her babes moving on to something other than what she provides.

No teeth are emerging yet...but it won't be long. By the end of the week we will transition to gruel and Moon will take a break now and then. She doesn't seem to mind being with her puppies after feeding. She snuggles and loves them up about 4 at a time. It's an amazing process. Moon is never short of milk or warmth for her puppies. 

If you call the MidWest home, stay warm and enjoy the beauty around!