October Puppies!

Health testing of all our Labs is critical prior to deciding if they are a good fit for our breeding program. Pedigree, confirmation, temperament and coat quality are among the list of criteria we consider. We began having our Labs evaluated by the PennHip method about 4 years ago. This diagnostic series of digital x-rays give us a better idea of what we can expect with our Labs long term. We do OFA as well although this simply evaluates a specific point in time and the films are not taken with the Lab in a natural position.

I realize I'm beginning to ramble...

We are just 8 days away from welcoming the best conformation we could have ever hoped for with SRain's Blue Moon and our Boy Wonder "Robin". Moon is a snow white Lab that PennHip tested better than 90% of all Labs (approx 25,000) tested. Robin is jet black with a regal look about him, and by the way, PennHip tested better than 80% of all Labs tested.

Besides the decorated Pedigree of both parents, the outstanding confirmation and coat quality...they both have even temperaments ideal for a family pet yet driven for work in the field. Although we have reservations on this litter, there are a few more spots available!

Moon is resting a lot these last days. Her appetite is good and we have begun supplementing with a little extra protein. Her temperature is normal and puppies can be felt rolling around in her belly like jumping beans.

We will be prepared for delivery any time this week. Even though we don't expect her to go into labor for another week, puppies can safely be born any time.

Watch for updates soon!